Birds Eye View

Currently in the works is a documentary titled Music of the Marsh. It is a close-up look at the diverse variety of creatures that are dependent on the Marsh eco-system for survival. From micro-organisms to fur-bearing mammals, the marsh is life support to them all. Much attention is given to the haunting, whimsical and sometimes eerie sounds that emanate from a marsh. Waterfowl, frogs, songbirds, mammals and insects all combine to improvise and orchestrate a rich texture of layered sounds. An example is the call of the Trumpeter Swan, which resembles the musical resonance of a French horn. Within the chorus of frogs alone are a whole range of musical voicings. The Spring Peepers are the sopranos, the Chorus and Wood frogs the baritones and the Bullfrog is the bass. These sounds all blend seamlessly together and create an open air concert to rival any outdoor amphitheater.

This documentary is a two part series.

Part One: A Symphony of Wings - Geese, Ducks and Swan
See and hear Canada Geese from their early arrival in late winter through their boisterous courtship. caring for young and fall migration. Witness a family of Trumpeter Swans from birth to migration. Snow Geese, Tundra Swans and most Ducks of North America are seen, with special attention given to Mallards, Blue-wing teal, Wood Ducks and Hooded Mergansers.

Part Two: An Ancient Ensemble - Herons, Egrets, Songbirds, Shorebirds, Frogs, Turtles, Mammals, Raptors, Insects, Plant life ...
Redwing blackbirds trill their melodious songs as nesting time approaches. Herons, Egrets and Shorebirds hunt the shallows on stick-like stilts, probing the mud flats with their long bills. Frogs sing their cacophony and the grunts, splashes and croaks add a kind of percussive element to the mix. Nesting Yellow warblers feed hatchlings while Common Yellow-throats flit the thickets with their witchity whistle. Muskrats mate in the water as Dragonflies hum and hover over a blooming Swamp Candle. A Marsh Wren buzzes and hops about the cattails as a Marsh Hawk circles overhead.

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